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Introducing ~ GIVESCENT

15 Feb

While we’ve never been into the bodycare and fragrance genre at Rapunzel’s Closet, we were presented with an opportunity to offer fragrance to our customers. Recently I had the chance to meet Alexandra Lyon Perelman one of the creators of GIVESCENT. She gave me a bottle of the GIVESCENT Fragrance and it’s been a big winner with everyone who I’ve tested it with! I’m not personally a big lover of fragrance for my lifestyle but, this one is light enough to wear to a play date or a date night, and it doesn’t make me or my kid sneeze! The 5ml roll-on bottle fits perfectly into a makeup bag, but is also cute enough to decorate your perfume tray at home.

blog“After living two years in Italy, celebrated yoga teacher, Elena Brower, fell in love with the culture, the pace, and especially the scents. She discovered a Sicilian almond oil blend that inspired her to create a scent of her own. In collaboration with Alexandra Lyon Perelman, they recreated the blend in New York City, paired it with summery citrus, and GIVESCENT was born. Wherever they wore their irresistible scent, women and men alike fell in love with it.

GIVESCENT was created to share the beauty of our intoxicating scent, and in turn empower women and give them voice. By purchasing a bottle of GIVESCENT, you are helping to support women worldwide. A portion of GIVESCENT’s proceeds benefits Women for Women International.”
GIVESCENT is available at Rapunzel’s Closet 561.659.5300
5ml roll-on bottle ~ $46

Kid’s Korner ~ Meet Fabby Gabby

31 Jan

blog Just in time for Valentine’s Day we’re loving our newest line of frilly FabbyGabby® tutus and Froo Froo Aprons™
They are 100% handmade in the USA.

In 1978 Barbara Moll was searching for a monogramming source. The search turned up empty and a new company was formed!  For 13 years she owned and operated an embroidery business in Pennsylvania making children’s clothing with embellished embroidery. After a short break Barbara relocated to Florida and returned to her original business FabbyGabby®, and developed her new line of Froo Froo Aprons™ and  Tutus.

blog Cute FabbyGabby® pink petal tutu on a Jellycat Bashful Hippo – 2 gifts in one and a fun presentation for your little Valentine!

blogNew FabbyGabby® Hot Pink and Hearts Tutu

blogNew FabbyGabby® Froo Froo Heart Apron™~ a big winner with our customers! We can’t seem to keep these in stock.

blogWe’re ready for Valentine’s Day at Rapunzel’s Closet with our tutus, candy hearts and scarves from Love Quotes and Fig & Bella. We have something for all of your sweethearts this year!

FabbyGabby® Tutu Sets (with leotard) start at $79 for Toddler and Child sizes
FabbyGabby® Tutus (no leotard) start at $54 for Toddler and Child sizes
FabbyGabby® Froo Froo Aprons™ for Toddler~$35 and Child~$42
Jellycat Medium Bashful Hippo~$20
Alexandra Ferguson “Love” Pillow~$58
Scarves from Love Quotes and Fig & Bella start at $88

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