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Spotlight Item ~ Hallie

1 Jul

Hallie’s Spotlight Item: LNA Desert Crew


Our store buyer, Hallie lives in the heart of New York City. With NYC as her home-base, Hallie makes sure that Rapunzel’s Closet has a head-start on the seasonal trends. As a full-time buyer, wife, and mom Hallie still manages to keep a seamless style that is all her own.

For her Spotlight Item, Hallie was quick to decide on the LNA Desert Crew Tee in black. It may look like a basic at first glance, but we had our lovely model Sarah show us the surprise trend the top plays on!

“I wore it the other night, it’s such a great summer tee! It shows skin where you wouldn’t normally expect to see it – it’s definitely my new go to casual, evening out tee.”

What would be your Spotlight Item? Stop by Rapunzel’s Closet and see what your pick says about you!

LNA Desert Crew: $90.00

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