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Closet Gossip: Gift Guide Part 7 ~ Randi

10 Dec

Here at Rapunzel’s Closet, the girls have started to find themselves wondering who will be on their lists this year and what the perfect gift for that special someone may be. For “Rapunzel’s Gift Giving Guide,” we had a few of our most thoughtful selling associates narrow down and pick two of their favorite items that they hope to be giving holiday season. On Friday we featured Hallie’s picks. The last entry in our Holiday Gift Guide comes from our very own Princess of Palm Beach,  Randi Siegal. So what will Rapunzel herself be giving this holiday season? We climbed her hair to find out!

Randi knows the importance of gifts making their receivers feel special—so it’s no surprise that she decided to include the personalized Boogie Baby Blankets and MJK knit hats as her items for our Holiday Gift Guide.

(It is important to note that while the detailed personalization process puts these gifts finish date after the holidays, there was no way we were going to leave these precious present ideas off our list)

Boogie Baby Blankets are a great gift idea for any child who can appreciate a cozy blanket. These handmade blankets are the perfect way to make any child feel special this holiday season. By having their names printed on the individual blankets, both you and the children won’t have to worry about arguing over sharing. Pictured above is the boy design. Also available is the girl design which features a similar design but with a monkey ballerina and all pink detailing.

“It’s just the softest material ever and so adorable.  My kids have one blanket in the stroller and one in the crib.  And the colors are always pop colors and stay that way even after washing. “ 

The theme of personalization continues in Randi’s second choice in her gift guide, an MJK knit flap hat which will display the child’s name on the front, as seen below. These hats are 100% cotton and promise to keep ears warm and cozy during the winter months.  We have several designs and colors available, so you may choose the hat that is suited best for the little ones. blog

“I love how my kids look in their MJK hats! I always get compliments on them.  My favorite feature is that they cover the ears, even if they aren’t tied.  They come in infant and toddler sizes and I’ve given them to friends when they have a new baby, but one for the older sibling as well.  Personalized presents are always special!” blog

And that completes Rapunzel’s Closet Holiday Gift Guide. We hope our gift ideas have inspired you as you continue in your holiday shopping adventures. We look forward to seeing you in the store soon and promise to give you our best advice as you begin checking people off your list this year!

Boogie Baby Blanket – $140
MJK Knit Hat – $55
Note – these items take 4-5 weeks to produce

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