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A Palm Beach Chic Boutique | miami.com

19 Nov


We love this post so much – we wanted to reshare it on our blog! Enjoy

A Palm Beach Chic Boutique | miami.com.

Decade: An Ode From The Palm Beach Daily News

30 Oct

We had the pleasure of meeting with the Palm Beach Daily News Fashion Editor Robert Janjigian this past September during Fashion Week in New York. He wrote this fabulous article about Rapunzel’s Closet, Owner Randi Siegal and Buyer (not co-owner) Hallie Rosenthal. We wanted to share it with you here! We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did. blog

Rapunzel’s celebrates 10th milestone

From gift shop to with-it women’s boutique and children’s store, the retail businesses established by Randi Siegal have evolved and expanded.

By Robert Janjigian

Randi Evans was single and 26 when she opened her first island business, Rapunzel’s of Palm Beach, a Royal Poinciana Way gift shop, in September 2002.

Over the next decade, Evans married, changed her name to Siegal, became a mother of two and shifted the focus of her business from gifts to apparel for women and later, for children and so-called tweens.

And she took on a partner, former customer Hallie Rosenthal, whose parents live in the area, to help run the growing business.

Today, Siegal and Rosenthal spend most of the year piloting the retail business operations from their homes in Manhattan.

In November 2003, Siegal opened the first Rapunzel’s Closet a few doors down from Rapunzel’s of Palm Beach, after the overwhemingly positive response to the sale of a few then-new-to-the-market Juicy Couture tracksuits and T-shirts at the gift store.

A month later, Rapunzel’s Closet debuted a second, larger boutique at 326 S. County Road.

Rapunzel’s Closet, which carried Juicy Couture exclusively on the island for a season or two, was conceived as a place for Palm Beach women to shop for the latest styles of jeans.

“We did a great business in Juicy Couture, which eventually went into department stores and then opened retail locations across the country, including Worth Avenue,” said Siegal. “We gradually stopped selling Juicy when it became available everywhere.”

But it is jeans that continue to be the boutiques’ “bread and butter.”

“White jeans are still our No. 1 seller,” said Rosenthal.

“At the time, the premium denim market was just exploding, and there was really no store in town carrying the new jeans brands,” said Siegal. “It was great timing and the stores really took off.”

They also made a big push into e-commerce, launching their ShopRapunzels.com website in 2004.

“We were heavily invested in e-tail,” said Siegal. “And it brought us a lot of attention and business.”

Then, she said, every brand and store around got into e-commerce. “When Amazon really got going, bought Zappos, and flash sites started popping up, we found we couldn’t justify the expense of the website, updating it, putting our focus on it,” said Siegal. “It wasn’t worth the investment.”

“We still have a website, but customers are referred to the stores directly,” said Rosenthal, explaining the benefits: lower overhead, fewer headaches and more personal service.

Five years ago, Siegal exited the gift business, replacing it with Lil Rapunzel’s, a boutique featuring lines of apparel and accessories for infant to “tween” girls. “It was for women like me who were having children,” she said.

The children’s boutique did so well that Siegal and Rosenthal left the original Rapunzel’s space to transform the Royal Poinciana Way branch of Rapunzel’s Closet into a larger Lil Rapunzel’s store, enlarging the South County Road boutique to about twice its initial size.

“We’ve learned so much over the years, and part of that experience has taught us to be flexible and open to evolve,” said Siegal.

“Hallie and I really play off each other,” she said. “And with Hallie on board, the fashion in the store has transitioned, to reflect her taste and mine and the change in how women are dressing.”

“We still have the best jeans, but our selection is more edited, with what we consider the ‘top picks,’” said Rosenthal. “There’s also fewer basics, with collections featuring dressier, higher-priced pieces. We have things for under $10 to as high as $500.”

“With the kid’s clothes, our preferences really show through,” said Siegal. “I love black and slightly edgier things — for myself and for kids, while Hallie has a preppier take on things and favors more color in what she chooses.”

“It seems to work, so I guess we’ll keep going,” she said.

“Rapunzel’s Closet, in a relatively short time, has become one of the anchors of the South County Road business district, a destination boutique that draws local and out-of-town shoppers to the island, bringing a certain vitality and distinctiveness to Palm Beach,” said Patti Sans, president of the Greater South County Road Association.

“The town is lucky to have talented entrepreneurs like Randi Siegal, who build small businesses that serve the needs of Palm Beachers,” said Matthew Natale, president of the Royal Poinciana Association. “I offer my thanks and congratulations.”

Siegal and Rosenthal plan to celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of Rapunzel’s on Dec. 27 with a party to benefit The Society of the Four Arts.

What we wore: In a true visual explanation of their relationship as detailed above by Robert – Randi and Hallie are both wearing versions of Hudson’s Lou Lou Skinny Tuxedo Pant. (NOT Planned!)  Randi is in the black version and Hallie is in the Navy/Orange version. Randi is wearing a Lanston Tank and Hallie is wearing a KAIN Label Pocket Tee. Accessories by Christian Louboutin, Balanciaga, Chanel, Dolce Vita and Rapunzel’s Jewelry Collection.

Do You Know Rapunzel?

29 Oct


Palm Beach native Randi Siegal was destined for the world of fashion. In sixth grade, Randi launched her first business – an accessory line of denim bracelets created from her father’s worn-out jeans. She won her school’s entrepreneur award for her efforts – foreshadowing a career path that would be realized fifteen years later.

In the interim, Randi honed her business skills at the University of Michigan, where she earned a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in 1998. She then held positions in the financial industry for companies in Chicago, Illinois and New York City. But the pull of the fashion world proved too great. A simple twist of fate and her family’s entrepreneurial legacy altered the course of Randi’s professional life forever!

In 2002, Randi had the idea to create a stationery line, inspired by both her grandparents. Her grandfather Sol had a clothing store, Vicky Lane, in California and her grandfather Wilbur had a successful postcard business. Needing something to “pay the bills” while developing the collection, Randi took a cue from her grandmother – who used to run a gift shop in front of the postcard warehouse. Later that same year, Rapunzel’s of Palm Beach, coined from Randi’s childhood nickname, opened its doors. Painted in her grandmother’s favorite color purple, Rapunzel’s quickly became known for its vintage items, jewelry, t-shirts, stationery, handbags, totes and other home décor pieces.

While working in her new shop, Randi soon began to acknowledge the shortage of local places to buy edgy, fashion-forward clothing. Known for its more sophisticated, tailored and polished look, Palm Beach did not offer Randi and her creative contemporaries the trend-setting selections they craved. So, in September 2003, Randi called on her innate sense of style and business savvy to open her first clothing boutique Rapunzel’s Closet, two doors down from the gift shop, on Royal Poinciana Way.

Just as Lilly Pulitzer paved the way for the pastel prints the area is often associated with, Randi introduced stodgy Palm Beach to a wide range of designers that the island’s denizens often had to pick up on their globetrotting travels. Jeans became the shops calling card, along with an eclectic mix of new and well-known fashion and accessories designers. The resulting success was instant – so much so – that just three months later Randi introduced her second boutique of the same name, on the opposite side of Palm Beach, just off chic shopping destination Worth Avenue.

In 2007, Randi decided to close the gift store, and re-open its doors as a children’s store, named Lil Rapunzel’s. Noticing the bulk of sales were from baby clothing and gifts, she purchased clothing in the infant, toddler, child and tween sizes that are sister brands to those carried in her adult stores.

Randi lives in New York City with her husband Sam, children Brett and Brooke, and their precious pooch Newman. She travels to Palm Beach monthly and can usually be found behind the register or helping customers at either of the boutiques. She still dreams of that stationery line – and if history is any indication – we may be seeing that idea come to fruition in years to come.

Now you can say: I KNOW RAPUNZEL! blog

Trade In Your Heels For Slippers!

10 Oct

blogAs a Buyer who lives in NYC, I’m constantly stalking people on the street to find out what they are wearing. As I rode the subway downtown a couple weeks, I found myself staring at a girl standing across from me. I wanted her outfit from head to toe – and mainly the toe part. She was wearing the Del Toro Smoking Slippers that I had been dying over for months. I’m sure the girl was relieved when I finally stopped staring and asked her if she was in fact wearing the Del Toro Smoking Slippers. Silly me – I didn’t notice the signature grosgrain ribbon at the back heel.
When I got back to the office and did some more research on my new obsession, I was pleased to find out that the Co-Founder and Creative Director Matthew Chevallard spent part of his childhood in Palm Beach, FL. What a perfect match for our stores! We love “local” talent on our fashion floor! Needless to say – our first shipment of Del Toro Smoking Slippers has arrived and they are already a hit!
blogThese shoes embody the term “feminine menswear.” They are a great alternative to the ballet flat you’ve been wearing for years and they are perfectly tailored to go with your favorite skinny jeans, pencil skirts and little dresses. Trade in your heels for a pair of these slippers, you won’t be disappointed! (I’m not!)

We have the Classic Black Velvet, Nude Patent and Black Velvet Skulls in stock now! Call us at 561.659.5300 for more details or to purchase!

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