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Holiday Gift Guide: Infant

22 Nov

We’re back again! This time, we are adding to our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide by giving some ideas for our bouncing baby girls and boys!

If you haven’t stopped by our kid’s store on Royal Poinciana Way, then we strongly suggest you stop and drop whatever you are doing, get in your car, and go. Because we have so many adorable new additions for the little ones in your life that you may just wonder if it’s time that you had one (or another one) of your own!

First, we have some gift ideas for the little girly-girls. We all know the best part about shopping for infant girls is that the more pink you dress them in, the better! Check out some of our picks for our future princesses!


Gund Zoe Ballerina: $31
Usborne That’s Not My Baby book: $8.99
Wee Ones Basic Bow: $8.50
Trumpette Mary Jane Metallic Socks: $30
Jannuzzi Pearl & Bow shirt: $36
Ouch! Tutu Skirt: $66

Let’s not forget about the boys. People may say that they’re made of snips, snails and puppy-dog tails–but we think that they’re just as perfectly adorable as the little ladies, so we did our best to pick out some of the best-selling infant boy items!


Jellycat Jungly Tails book: $16.50
Jellycat Medium Bashful Giraffe: $20
Jellycat Small Bashful Lion: $14
Paige Lauren Classic Romper in Honolulu Blue: $44
Cute as a Button Giraffe Blanket: $48

So what do you think? Did we at least get an “Ooh” or “Aw!” out of you? Come on, admit it. Are you secretly wondering if any of these come in adult sizes?

Stay tuned! Next week, we have the 2013 Holiday Gift Guides for Toddlers and Kids!
Bye for now!


Esther Knows Best!

12 Oct

Mama Knows Best-Our Store Mama! Esther!


This week’s “Mama Knows Best” is a particularly special one. For those of who you frequent our kid’s store, you will most definitely know (and love) our very own Esther Evans! Recognize that last name? She’s Rapunzel’s mother! And as you can see from her retro chic pictures, style certainly runs in this family!

A California girl at heart, Esther knows the importance of a great outfit. We couldn’t help but be envious of her Groucho Marx sweater layered with a collared shirt—so easy to picture this same exact look in one of our favorite fashion blogs. I guess great style really is timeless!

While we don’t have any Marx Brothers memorabilia in our store at the moment, we decided to recreate this preppy look with some of our newest additions to our sales floor! On top, we have the Margaret O’Leary Petit Collared Crew sweater—the best part? It’s a two-fer! No layering necessary!

We thought the Splendid Circle Skirt would be perfect on the bottom. Notice our signature Tkee Flip Flops missing? Have no fear; these shoes are still by our favorite brand! The Tkees Senny’s are our new favorite shoe for the fall and winter months! We think they complement this look by adding to the prepster style!


What do you think? Did we capture the “Essence of Esther”?

Margaret O’Leary Collar Crew Sweater: $150.00
Splendid Circle Skirt: $88.00
Tkees Sennys: $115.00
Rapunzel’s Jewelry Box Spike Cuff Bangle: $38.00

Kid’s Korner ~ Paige Lauren Layette

16 May

Mom’s to be all go through the same mental checklist over and over when trying to put together a baby’s first wardrobe. Questions on the list generally range from: “What is it made of?,” “Where is it made?,” “Is it soft?,” and last but definitely not least: “Is it cute?”

Paige Lauren Baby must have this checklist posted in their design room because they recently launched a super cute layette line made in the USA of micro modal and supima cotton. It’s not only very soft – it tops the charts for cuteness too! We can’t forget to mention the AH-mazing price point ~ tees starting at $24? We’ll take 3 in every color please!!!

Paige Lauren Layette S/S tee ~ $24
Paige Lauren Layette L/S tee ~ $26
Paige Lauren Layette Track Pants ~ $31

There are only 2 weeks left of our PJ Drive Event to benefit the
Foster and Adoptive Parent’s Association of Palm Beach County.


Kids Korner ~ Paige Lauren

7 Feb

blogWe were more than delighted to come across the Paige Lauren Baby Collection last year at one of the New York City Trade Shows. Just as the designer promised, the fabric is beyond soft and the designs are simple and wearable. It was no surprise when the collection started flying out the door. The majority of the line can be mixed and matched so customers can buy a couple pieces and get multiple outfits out of everything. Not only is this line cute, comfortable and chic, but it’s cost efficient too. As one of the resident Mom’s on the Rapunzel’s Team it’s great to find an infant and toddler line that fits all of these categories and doesn’t put me in debt. The Spring Collection is on it’s way to the stores now and we can’t wait to see the soft palette and new designs!

Infant Stripe Hoodie and Pant $35 each (pictured in sky pink and ocean blue)
Infant Stripe 2fer Footie $46 (ocean blue)
Pastel Nametrains $6.50 per letter

Line We Love ~ Letarte

29 Jan

We admit that it’s hard to not love all things beachy when you live and work in a resort town. Recently our obsesession with Letarte has multiplied by volumes. Not only are the designs fabulous but the fit is amazing too! We love the little details like beading or sequins that adorn the garments. The colors and body styles dance the fine line that bridges bohemian and chic. We pair this line with our favorite bathing suits or throw on one of the tunics over crisp white jeans for a finished look! As an added bonus – they design for our little ones too.
Island chic never looked so cute!
Letarte Sheer Lace Neck Tunic in Pink and White $229
Available at Rapunzel’s Closet

Decade: The Press

25 Jan

We were so lucky to be included in the Palm Beach Post’s Notables section and Palm Beach Society this past week. We appreciate all the love from our news neighbors on the island!


We’re in good company! Randi and I are surrounded by Beth Beattie and Danielle Norcross of Palm Beach Lately

Page from Palm Beach Society featuring our 10 Year Anniversary Party

One last shot of us because we look so chic! 🙂

Special thanks to Lila Photo for the stunning images seen everywhere!

Want to see more images from the party? Check out our Facebook Album

Kids: Line We Love ~ Morfs

24 Jan

blog Our new Thursday series is going to be all about our Kid’s Store Lil Rapunzel’s. Sometimes we forget about our Lil ones and hopefully this will be a fun reminder to get out and shop for them too!  We’re starting with a feature on one of our favorite Kid’s lines ~ Morfs.
blog Known for their sock sleeves and cute renditions of things that all little tykes love like Sesame Street and Star Wars, these tees are a no brainer when it comes to putting your kiddos in something cute. We shot this pic at the Children’s Club Trade Show – see below for how things translate from the trade show to our sales floor!

blog The Sibling and Birthday Tees are also some of our favorites! They make great gifts.

blog The tees look as cute – if not cuter merchandised on our shelves and hangers!

Don’t think this Star Wars tee is just for boys. Pair this powder blue tee with some hot pink leggings and you’ve got a super cute outfit for your cool little girl!

Morfs Tees range from $42 – $60 for infants and toddlers.
Check out more about Morfs on our Facebook Page

New Feature: Steal This Look

18 Jan

Our guest blogger Rachel has been home sick with the flu so we thought we’d share her latest post to brighten her and everyone’s day!

Steal This Look: Duchess of Cambridge ~ Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is the subject of our first “Steal This Look” post. A very fitting choice, considering that here at Rapunzel’s Closet we are inspired by all things “Princess.”

As soon as Kate first starting appearing in the media, we were been fascinated by her natural beauty and classic-cool style. Over time her style has transformed from sporty school girl to royal chic—always remaining a style icon to many.

This week we decided take one of the Duchess’ classic looks and put our own Palm Beach twist on it using some our favorite pieces from the store.

Of all of Kate’s looks, we loved her choice of threads when she visited Olympic Park back in March.  She stood out wearing bright colors while mixing in her signature timeless pieces. We tapped into our new Selling Associate Monica’s modeling skills to show how a few simple pieces can make you feel like a princess for a day.

From head-to-toe Monica is wearing the Elizabeth and James Crepe Heather Blazer, Vince Double-Layer Long-sleeve striped shirt, and the Hudson Collin Skinny in Suede Rose.
If you look closely, you can see Monica is sporting one of Rapunzel’s new Palm Beach Lately Arrow necklaces—an understated accessory that we definitely can see Kate adding on to any of her outfits.

Elizabeth and James Crepe Heather Blazer: $495.00
Vince Long-sleeve Stripe Shirt: $125.00
Hudson Collin Skinny in Suede Rose: $165.00
Palm Beach Lately Arrow Necklace: $78.00

Find out more about us, Rachel and our new model Monica on our Facebook Page!

Closet Gossip: Gift Guide Part 7 ~ Randi

10 Dec

Here at Rapunzel’s Closet, the girls have started to find themselves wondering who will be on their lists this year and what the perfect gift for that special someone may be. For “Rapunzel’s Gift Giving Guide,” we had a few of our most thoughtful selling associates narrow down and pick two of their favorite items that they hope to be giving holiday season. On Friday we featured Hallie’s picks. The last entry in our Holiday Gift Guide comes from our very own Princess of Palm Beach,  Randi Siegal. So what will Rapunzel herself be giving this holiday season? We climbed her hair to find out!

Randi knows the importance of gifts making their receivers feel special—so it’s no surprise that she decided to include the personalized Boogie Baby Blankets and MJK knit hats as her items for our Holiday Gift Guide.

(It is important to note that while the detailed personalization process puts these gifts finish date after the holidays, there was no way we were going to leave these precious present ideas off our list)

Boogie Baby Blankets are a great gift idea for any child who can appreciate a cozy blanket. These handmade blankets are the perfect way to make any child feel special this holiday season. By having their names printed on the individual blankets, both you and the children won’t have to worry about arguing over sharing. Pictured above is the boy design. Also available is the girl design which features a similar design but with a monkey ballerina and all pink detailing.

“It’s just the softest material ever and so adorable.  My kids have one blanket in the stroller and one in the crib.  And the colors are always pop colors and stay that way even after washing. “ 

The theme of personalization continues in Randi’s second choice in her gift guide, an MJK knit flap hat which will display the child’s name on the front, as seen below. These hats are 100% cotton and promise to keep ears warm and cozy during the winter months.  We have several designs and colors available, so you may choose the hat that is suited best for the little ones. blog

“I love how my kids look in their MJK hats! I always get compliments on them.  My favorite feature is that they cover the ears, even if they aren’t tied.  They come in infant and toddler sizes and I’ve given them to friends when they have a new baby, but one for the older sibling as well.  Personalized presents are always special!” blog

And that completes Rapunzel’s Closet Holiday Gift Guide. We hope our gift ideas have inspired you as you continue in your holiday shopping adventures. We look forward to seeing you in the store soon and promise to give you our best advice as you begin checking people off your list this year!

Boogie Baby Blanket – $140
MJK Knit Hat – $55
Note – these items take 4-5 weeks to produce

For more pictures of our Gift Guide – check out our Facebook Page

Closet Gossip: Gift Guide Part 2 ~ Sarah

30 Nov

Here at Rapunzel’s Closet, the girls have started to find themselves wondering who will be on their lists this year and what the perfect gift for that special someone may be. For “Rapunzel’s Gift Giving Guide,” we had a few of our most thoughtful selling associates narrow down and pick two of their favorite items that they hope to be giving holiday season. Yesterday we featured Stephanie’s picks. Today is all about Sarah who is not only one of our talented selling associates but also one of our gorgeous models! We are so lucky to have her on our team!


Sarah’s bohemian style is apparent in her choice of holiday gift ideas.

She chose the Wayuu bag as one of her favorite store items to give this year. The bags are hand-crafted in South America and display funky color combinations are the ideal accessory for the classic flower-child on your list.

“I haven’t seen anything like these bags before. I chose the more muted colors, but they also come in fun neons too. I know if I sent this bag to one of my family members, they wouldn’t have to worry about seeing anyone else carrying the same bag. The whole one-of-a-kind thing is really appealing with gift-giving.”

Another one of Sarah’s choices was the Alexandra Ferguson “Love” pillow. These felt pillows, which are made from all recycled materials, are made in the USA and are a great gift for the “greenest” of friends and family.

“I love the sayings on these pillows! I chose the “Love” one, but I can also see myself giving the “Beach House” or “LOL” pillows, as well. They’re great for bedrooms or living rooms and I can see them being a conversation starter during a get-together or dinner party.”

Wayuu bag: $140
Alexandra Ferguson “Love” pillow: $58
(Prices range depending on pillow size)

 For more pictures of our Gift Guide – check out our Facebook Page!
Next Up – Kristen’s picks for this holiday season.

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