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Steal This Look ~ We’re Officially Carrie’d Away

30 Jan

February 2004 marked the end of an era. It was this month and year that HBO aired the final episode of Sex and the City. The female-centric, comedy-drama not only taught women ethics of dating; it started a fashion revolution with Carrie Bradshaw at the forefront.

The CW has recently resurrected the Bradshaw phenomenon by creating The Carrie Diaries, which takes viewers back to the 80’s to follow Carrie as she embarks on her love affair with the city. blog

The show fills a void that has been left cold and empty since Carrie rode off into the sunset with Mr. Big. The bright colors and mixing of patterns, that young Carrie (Annasofia Robb) sports in every episode,  have  gotten our wheels turning and we are determined to turn the one-way streets of Palm Beach into our very own New York City with this Carrie Diaries-inspired look.

Our Carrie creation consists of the Joie Mosselle Sweater layered with the Equipment Signature Blouse. We paired the colorful combination with the Patterson J. Kincaid Flirty Skirty. To kick the outfit up a notch, we added the Rapunzel’s Jewelry Box gold fringe necklace around the collar. Just add a pair of colorful pumps or boots and you’ll look just as “Carrie’d” away as we are.

Joie Mosselle Sweater in Bright Rose: $258.00
Equipment Signature Blouse in Lichen: $208.00
Patterson J. Kincaid Flirty Skirty: $348.00
Rapunzel’s Jewelry Box Gold Fringe Necklace: $68.00

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