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Holiday Gift Guide: Toddlers

26 Nov

We’re back at it! This time, we’re giving you some gift ideas for the little tykes!

And let’s face it, they’re just getting to the age where they start to get picky.  So let’s indulge ourselves while we are still get to pick out what they wear!

This gift set for boys is perfect for the little sportster. Whether he’s got a bright future in little league or just enjoys sitting with dad and watching the game, these duds are fit for any MVP!


Jannuzzi stacked sports tee $38
Splendid Littles raglan plaid shirt $50
Hudson Kids Parker blue jeans $55
Jannuzzi football cap $24
Chronicle Books Sports Matching Game $14.99

Let’s not forget the princesses!


Stella Cove grapefruit caftan $53
Splendid Littles white leggings $26
Usborne Fashion Designer sticker book $8.99
Charm it! Bracelet & charms $6-$14

This gift idea is great for any budding fashionista. If the children and relatives of our customers are anything like them, then we have some definite style icons in the making! This tunic and tight combination is easy to style and great for our “Florida Winters.” And check out those stickers! This book allows girls to put together outfits of their own with this booklet of fun stickers–remember, they’re never too young to learn how to put together a stylish look!

Cute as a button, right? Well the fun continues on Friday when we start giving some gift ideas for kids!

Sit tight, now!

xoxo, Rapunzel

Holiday Gift Guide: Infant

22 Nov

We’re back again! This time, we are adding to our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide by giving some ideas for our bouncing baby girls and boys!

If you haven’t stopped by our kid’s store on Royal Poinciana Way, then we strongly suggest you stop and drop whatever you are doing, get in your car, and go. Because we have so many adorable new additions for the little ones in your life that you may just wonder if it’s time that you had one (or another one) of your own!

First, we have some gift ideas for the little girly-girls. We all know the best part about shopping for infant girls is that the more pink you dress them in, the better! Check out some of our picks for our future princesses!


Gund Zoe Ballerina: $31
Usborne That’s Not My Baby book: $8.99
Wee Ones Basic Bow: $8.50
Trumpette Mary Jane Metallic Socks: $30
Jannuzzi Pearl & Bow shirt: $36
Ouch! Tutu Skirt: $66

Let’s not forget about the boys. People may say that they’re made of snips, snails and puppy-dog tails–but we think that they’re just as perfectly adorable as the little ladies, so we did our best to pick out some of the best-selling infant boy items!


Jellycat Jungly Tails book: $16.50
Jellycat Medium Bashful Giraffe: $20
Jellycat Small Bashful Lion: $14
Paige Lauren Classic Romper in Honolulu Blue: $44
Cute as a Button Giraffe Blanket: $48

So what do you think? Did we at least get an “Ooh” or “Aw!” out of you? Come on, admit it. Are you secretly wondering if any of these come in adult sizes?

Stay tuned! Next week, we have the 2013 Holiday Gift Guides for Toddlers and Kids!
Bye for now!


Rapunzel’s Gift Guide: Moms and Teens

20 Nov

Lots of great things come with the holidays. Great food, family time, early morning mimosas and being able to wear that cashmere sweater you bought on sale last year.

But with it also comes a little holiday stress.  And if you’re anything like us, we tend to feel the pressure to give the coolest gifts to our loved ones. You know, the ones that don’t require tucked away gift receipts and the phrase, “If you don’t like it, you can just return it and get something you actually like!”

Relent no more. Rapunzel is here to give you some gift ideas for both the woman who brought you into this world and the ever-picky teens in your life.

Moms tend to be known for telling you that a hand-written card or letter is gift enough for her. But we know better. So we put together some things that will have any mom re-thinking her new favorite child.


Peace Love World Love Note for Mom Scarf: $60
Give Scent Perfume: $46
Joie Mosselle Waffle Sweater: $258
TKEES Senny’s: $115
Citizen of Humanity Ava Straight Jean in Indie: $238

Teens. This is where things tend to get tricky. But lucky for you, we picked some of our best sellers from the store. And if they’re still on the fence. Tell them that you could have sworn you saw Selena Gomez rocking the same exact outfit and brand in last week’s US Weekly.


Stella Cove Tween Heart Caftan: $55
T2 Love Front Pocket Short: $33
Dye it Up tie dye short: $46
Dirtee Hollywood Burnout Start Tee: $42
Coordinate Line Palm Beach Necklaces: $37

And if none of these suggestions toot your horn, come in and see us! All we need is a simple description of your recipient and the gift will be as perfect as if they picked it out for themselves. Princess’ Promise.



Gifts For All the Moms On Your List!

7 May

If you haven’t found that perfect gift for your mom, sister, aunt, daughter or friend now is time to check that off your list!
We’ve compiled a list of “super mom” worthy gifts to get you started!

All available at Rapunzel’s Closet – call 561.659.5300 to order!

For the Beach Dweller Mom

For the Casual Cool Mom
For the Entertaining or Traveling Mom
For the Trendy Wendy Mom
For the Sporty Mom

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Introducing ~ GIVESCENT

15 Feb

While we’ve never been into the bodycare and fragrance genre at Rapunzel’s Closet, we were presented with an opportunity to offer fragrance to our customers. Recently I had the chance to meet Alexandra Lyon Perelman one of the creators of GIVESCENT. She gave me a bottle of the GIVESCENT Fragrance and it’s been a big winner with everyone who I’ve tested it with! I’m not personally a big lover of fragrance for my lifestyle but, this one is light enough to wear to a play date or a date night, and it doesn’t make me or my kid sneeze! The 5ml roll-on bottle fits perfectly into a makeup bag, but is also cute enough to decorate your perfume tray at home.

blog“After living two years in Italy, celebrated yoga teacher, Elena Brower, fell in love with the culture, the pace, and especially the scents. She discovered a Sicilian almond oil blend that inspired her to create a scent of her own. In collaboration with Alexandra Lyon Perelman, they recreated the blend in New York City, paired it with summery citrus, and GIVESCENT was born. Wherever they wore their irresistible scent, women and men alike fell in love with it.

GIVESCENT was created to share the beauty of our intoxicating scent, and in turn empower women and give them voice. By purchasing a bottle of GIVESCENT, you are helping to support women worldwide. A portion of GIVESCENT’s proceeds benefits Women for Women International.”
GIVESCENT is available at Rapunzel’s Closet 561.659.5300
5ml roll-on bottle ~ $46

Be Our Last Minute Valentine!

12 Feb

There is no grey area when it comes to Valentine’s Day, either you love it or you hate it. At Rapunzel’s Closet ~ we love it.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that we will be spending it being whisked away on romantic dates fit for The Bachelorette, we simply feel that celebrating Valentine’s Day is important. By important we mean it’s a socially accepted excuse to buy ourselves pretty things!

Rapunzel’s has everything you’ll need to make this 14th as special as ever. Below are a few of the items we think Cupid would approve of, but we advise you to come in and see for yourself! We’ve got enough cute pink skinnies and sultry red blouses to spare!

And remember, love doesn’t only exist in the form of boyfriends and girlfriends, it’s also important to remember that our friends deserve a little lovin’ on Valentine’s too. So pick up your last minute gifts today and most important, don’t forget the chocolate!

XOXO, The Lovestruck Girls of Rapunzel’s Closet

blogHanky Panky Hello Kitty Lowrise Thong in Flamingo/Black-$27.00

blogJoie Corette Animal Tank in Dark Navy~$158.00

blogLove Quotes Scarve in Yoga, Angel, Flamingo and Grenadine ~ $88.00;
Bohemia Bag ~ $225.00


TKEES Flip Flops~ Lip Glosses Floral Punch, Shadows Beach Pearl, Lip Glosses Poppy, Zincs Orange ~$50.00

Take a break from stalking your latest crush and stalk our Facebook Page for more last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

Kid’s Korner ~ Meet Fabby Gabby

31 Jan

blog Just in time for Valentine’s Day we’re loving our newest line of frilly FabbyGabby® tutus and Froo Froo Aprons™
They are 100% handmade in the USA.

In 1978 Barbara Moll was searching for a monogramming source. The search turned up empty and a new company was formed!  For 13 years she owned and operated an embroidery business in Pennsylvania making children’s clothing with embellished embroidery. After a short break Barbara relocated to Florida and returned to her original business FabbyGabby®, and developed her new line of Froo Froo Aprons™ and  Tutus.

blog Cute FabbyGabby® pink petal tutu on a Jellycat Bashful Hippo – 2 gifts in one and a fun presentation for your little Valentine!

blogNew FabbyGabby® Hot Pink and Hearts Tutu

blogNew FabbyGabby® Froo Froo Heart Apron™~ a big winner with our customers! We can’t seem to keep these in stock.

blogWe’re ready for Valentine’s Day at Rapunzel’s Closet with our tutus, candy hearts and scarves from Love Quotes and Fig & Bella. We have something for all of your sweethearts this year!

FabbyGabby® Tutu Sets (with leotard) start at $79 for Toddler and Child sizes
FabbyGabby® Tutus (no leotard) start at $54 for Toddler and Child sizes
FabbyGabby® Froo Froo Aprons™ for Toddler~$35 and Child~$42
Jellycat Medium Bashful Hippo~$20
Alexandra Ferguson “Love” Pillow~$58
Scarves from Love Quotes and Fig & Bella start at $88

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Closet Gossip: Gift Guide Part 7 ~ Randi

10 Dec

Here at Rapunzel’s Closet, the girls have started to find themselves wondering who will be on their lists this year and what the perfect gift for that special someone may be. For “Rapunzel’s Gift Giving Guide,” we had a few of our most thoughtful selling associates narrow down and pick two of their favorite items that they hope to be giving holiday season. On Friday we featured Hallie’s picks. The last entry in our Holiday Gift Guide comes from our very own Princess of Palm Beach,  Randi Siegal. So what will Rapunzel herself be giving this holiday season? We climbed her hair to find out!

Randi knows the importance of gifts making their receivers feel special—so it’s no surprise that she decided to include the personalized Boogie Baby Blankets and MJK knit hats as her items for our Holiday Gift Guide.

(It is important to note that while the detailed personalization process puts these gifts finish date after the holidays, there was no way we were going to leave these precious present ideas off our list)

Boogie Baby Blankets are a great gift idea for any child who can appreciate a cozy blanket. These handmade blankets are the perfect way to make any child feel special this holiday season. By having their names printed on the individual blankets, both you and the children won’t have to worry about arguing over sharing. Pictured above is the boy design. Also available is the girl design which features a similar design but with a monkey ballerina and all pink detailing.

“It’s just the softest material ever and so adorable.  My kids have one blanket in the stroller and one in the crib.  And the colors are always pop colors and stay that way even after washing. “ 

The theme of personalization continues in Randi’s second choice in her gift guide, an MJK knit flap hat which will display the child’s name on the front, as seen below. These hats are 100% cotton and promise to keep ears warm and cozy during the winter months.  We have several designs and colors available, so you may choose the hat that is suited best for the little ones. blog

“I love how my kids look in their MJK hats! I always get compliments on them.  My favorite feature is that they cover the ears, even if they aren’t tied.  They come in infant and toddler sizes and I’ve given them to friends when they have a new baby, but one for the older sibling as well.  Personalized presents are always special!” blog

And that completes Rapunzel’s Closet Holiday Gift Guide. We hope our gift ideas have inspired you as you continue in your holiday shopping adventures. We look forward to seeing you in the store soon and promise to give you our best advice as you begin checking people off your list this year!

Boogie Baby Blanket – $140
MJK Knit Hat – $55
Note – these items take 4-5 weeks to produce

For more pictures of our Gift Guide – check out our Facebook Page

Closet Gossip: Gift Guide Part 6 ~ Hallie

7 Dec

Here at Rapunzel’s Closet, the girls have started to find themselves wondering who will be on their lists this year and what the perfect gift for that special someone may be. For “Rapunzel’s Gift Giving Guide,” we had a few of our most thoughtful selling associates narrow down and pick two of their favorite items that they hope to be giving holiday season. Yesterday we featured Ashley’s picks. Today is all about Hallie. Hallie has logged the most years out of all of us at Rapunzel’s Closet and loves being able to work on the sales floor when she visits from our corporate office in NYC!

Our store buyer, Hallie functions as Rapunzel’s eyes and ears in the New York fashion scene. She is the one who sifts through countless vendors and merchandise to make sure our store is always stocked with the hottest trends. Hallie continued used her expertise in product selection when she chose our new Equipment button-downs and Chewbeads necklaces as her top picks for our Holiday Gift Guide.

The brand Equipment’s French origin is apparent in the slick lines and rich fabrics they use in their clothing. Rapunzel’s just received some great new pieces for the holiday season and the French sophistication is consistent throughout the different styles. With that, Hallie chose the Slim-Fit Signature button-down blouse in the star print as her favorite.

“My newest obsession is shirting – I feel like no matter what – a blouse always looks good. My Equipment blouses have become my go to pieces for everything and it’s an easy wearable gift for basically any body type.” 

Keeping in mind the new moms we may be shopping for this year, Hallie also chose the Chewbeads Hudson necklace as her second choice in our Gift Guide. Like their name suggests, these necklaces are made from 100% silicone are safe for babies and toddlers to chew on. Not only are these necklaces easy to keep clean, but they also make a fun fashion statement, at the same time.

“What I love about Chewbeads is that they are not only functional but fashionable too! It’s the perfect holiday gift for any new mom. They are soothing for the teething baby who chews on everything – but mom can still wear these big, chunky, bright necklaces after the teething is done.”

Equipment Signature button-down: $248.00
Chewbeads Hudson necklace: $40.00

For more pictures of our Gift Guide – check out our Facebook Page!
Next Up – Randi’s picks for this holiday season.

Closet Gossip: Gift Guide Part 5 ~ Ashley

6 Dec

Here at Rapunzel’s Closet, the girls have started to find themselves wondering who will be on their lists this year and what the perfect gift for that special someone may be. For “Rapunzel’s Gift Giving Guide,” we had a few of our most thoughtful selling associates narrow down and pick two of their favorite items that they hope to be giving holiday season. Yesterday we featured Rachel’s picks. Today is all about Ashley who is one of our two sales associates who have been on our selling team the longest!

Ashley is the quintessential Palm Beach girl—with a heavy emphasis on “beach.” When Ashley isn’t at work, you can usually find her catching some rays at the beach or catching some fish out on the boat! So, it’s no surprise that Ashley plans on giving her fellow beach combing friends and family some beach-chic pieces this holiday season: a pair of TKEES flip flops and one of our new coolchange maxis.

TKEES are a staple in any South Florida girl’s shoe collection. Their classic thong style make them an easy present for all ages. They can be easily dressed up or dressed down and come in a variety of colors to match any wardrobe. And their reasonable price of $50 makes this gift idea only that much sweeter.

“I fell in love with TKEES a couple years ago. My friends and I were always on the hunt for the perfect nude shoe. Most of us only live a five minute walk from the beach, so being barefoot is like a second-nature for us. Having a shoe that gives that look is so our style. I know any one of my girlfriends would love these and would probably start to collect all of the colors!”

Rapunzel’s recently welcomed the brand coolchange to our sales floor, and these bright, bohemian prints are quickly becoming a favorite for some of our most fashionable customers. This Bali-inspired brand of resort-wear comes in great colors and will likely be making appearances all over Palm Beach this holiday season.

“I love giving CoolChange dresses as gifts—not only is every single piece gorgeous, but they are light-weight and super comfortable. Every girl needs a dress that’s easy to throw on after a long day out on the boat or at the beach. You don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort, and I’ll definitely be putting this maxi on MY wish list this year!”

TKEES: $50.00
CoolChange maxi: $205.00

For more pictures of our Gift Guide – check out our Facebook Page!
Next Up – Hallie’s picks for this holiday season.

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