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Do You Know Flat Rapunzel?

16 Apr

We spent a lot of time at the end of 2012 introducing you to Rapunzel with our “I Know Rapunzel” campaign. We know you are secretly missing¬†#IKnowRapunzel all over your social media channels! ūüôā

Now we want you to meet Flat Rapunzel! Flat Rapunzel is an adventure girl that loves to travel and visit places all over the world. She loves to dine, meet celebrities and sight see at all of your favorite landmarks. Most of all – she LOVES to SHOP!

Get your own Flat Rapunzel and take her on some adventures with you! Post your pictures on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram at @ShopRapunzels and be automatically entered to win at $100 Giftcard to Lil Rapunzel’s or Rapunzel’s Closet.¬† The contest ends on 5/31/13 so start snapping!

If you would like us to mail you a Flat Rapunzel – please contact us at 561.659.5300 and we’ll get her right out to you!

Want to see what Flat Rapunzel has been up to so far? Check out her Facebook Album here!

Decade: The Press

25 Jan

We were so lucky to be included in the Palm Beach Post’s Notables section and Palm Beach Society this past week. We appreciate all the love from our news neighbors on the island!


We’re in good company!¬†Randi and I are surrounded by Beth Beattie and Danielle Norcross of Palm Beach Lately

Page from Palm Beach Society featuring our 10 Year Anniversary Party

One last shot of us because we look so chic! ūüôā

Special thanks to Lila Photo for the stunning images seen everywhere!

Want to see more images from the party? Check out our Facebook Album

Decade: Rapunzel’s Ride 2012

22 Jan

As a final tribute to our 10 Year Anniversary we had the pleasure of partnering with Velocity Cycling Studio to host a spin class on December 28, 2012.
Rapunzel herself was the guest instructor and as the event photographer, I got to witness Randi put her fellow spinners through a grueling but fun workout!
100% of the proceeds from this event went to The Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach, FL blog

The Official Rapunzel’s Ride 2012 Tank Top

blog The Spinners mid-workout

blog The Spinners happy and sweaty post workout!
L to R – The Schute Sisters, Lucy Danziger, Randi Siegal, Josie Danziger

Read more about Velocity Cycling Studio

Checkout our Facebook Page for more pix from Rapunzel’s Ride 2012

Decade: The People

17 Jan

You can’t have a fabulous party without fabulous people!
Here are some of our favs from our 10 Year Anniversary Party.

Owner Randi Siegal and Operations Manager Hallie Rosenthal

The Rapunzel Girls

Kim and Scott Goodwin

Laurel and Justin Deutch

 blog Jill Kaplan and Jason Evans

Christin Tucker and Lauren Kukkama from The Luxe Report Blog

Beth Beattie and Danielle Norcross from The Palm Beach Lately Blog

Alyson Seligman from The Average Girls Guide Blog and Lauren Elam

Ashley Cherowitzo and Monica Yoder from Rapunzel’s Closet

Lara Metz, Randi Siegal and Sabrina Kleier Morganstern from HGTV’s Selling New York

Randi Siegal leading the Raffle

Decade: The Details

10 Jan

We’ve taken a little break from our blogging to sip some champagne and celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary – but we’re back with fabulous pictures and memories from our 10 Year fete on December 27, 2012. We had over 100 people come out to toast our 10 Year Anniversary. If you weren’t able to make it,¬†here are some of the little details that we all love so much!
blog Waiter serving the Palm Beach Lately Cocktail

blog Window design created by Palm Beach Lately with Pictures from our past 10 Years

blog Window design created by Palm Beach Lately featuring each of their “Girls”

blog We heart cocktail napkins!

blog The food provided by Buccan, Imoto and Christina’s Catering was not only delicious – but beautifully presented

blog Jennifer Reed from The Sugar Monkey Bakery outdid herself with logo cookies, cake pops, cupcakes and macarons in our signature purple and green.

blog Sloan’s Ice Cream donated 5 yummy flavors, toppings and accoutrements for the event.

blog We wanted a photo booth for fun snaps and it was super fun!

blog Our raffle was a huge success, we raised lots of money to donate to The Society of the Four Arts

Special thanks to the following vendors who donated their time and effort to our event!
Lila Photos (the photogs behind these gorgeous snaps)
Palm Beach Lately
Christina’s Catering
Buccan and Imoto
The Sugar Monkey
Sloan’s Ice Cream
Lulu’s Photo Booth

Decade: Looking Backwards and Forward!

19 Dec

We finish up¬†our “Decade: Where It All Began” series with the final questions in our interview with Rapunzel herself, Randi Evans Siegal. We hope you have enjoyed this walk down memory lane as much as we have enjoyed putting it all together! blog

1. What has surprised you the most about the business in the last 10 Years?
RES: In the last 10 years I’ve seen a lot of stores go in and out, but there is a good group of us who have been consistent and are on the Island to stay. I’m most surprised that my not-so-typical Palm Beach style has been so attractive to the locals. blog

2. Where do you envision the business 10 Years from now?
RES: In 10 Years I envision the same, though I would like a larger children’s store. I just need to find the right “space.” I love how the adult store merchandise changes with the times but is still consistent to the core. blog3. What is your favorite thing about the business today?
RES: Definitely the employees! Everyone pitches in and the store + the merchandise really represents all of our individual style.
4. If you were a customer what would your favorite items in the store be?
RES: I love the skinny cords in bright colors that we have right now from Citizens of Humanity, Hudson Jeans, J Brand and AG Jeans. The concert band tees from Chaser LA are my favorite go-to casual tees. Last but not least TKEES flip flops. I wear them every day, even on a day in NYC where it’s in the 50s.

5. What is the funniest thing that has happened in the past 10 Years that maybe¬†wasn’t funny at the time but now you can look back and laugh?
RES: I once had a customer come in with a parrot on her shoulder. The parrot pooped in the store. Looking back it’s pretty funny!

Decade: Rapunzel’s Ride

17 Dec


You know that you are a spinning fiend – why not Spin For a Cause!
Registration is now open!


Decade: Do You Know Rapunzel?

14 Dec


If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Rapunzel now is your chance!
You’re invited to our 10 Year Anniversary Party!
Don’t forget to RSVP:!

For more information contact Rapunzel’s Closet ~ 561.659.5300
Check out our Facebook page here!
Obsessed with Instagram like we are? Find us at ShopRapunzels!

Decade: Opening Rapunzel’s Closet

9 Nov

We’re continuing our trip down memory lane with the opening of Rapunzel’s Closet and more of our interview with Rapunzel!

blog¬†Coming Soon Signage Before the Opening of Rapunzel’s Closet on Royal Poinciana Way

blog Painted in her favorite signature purple

While working in her new shop, Randi soon began to acknowledge the shortage of local places to buy edgy, fashion-forward clothing. Known for its more sophisticated, tailored and polished look, Palm Beach did not offer Randi and her creative contemporaries the trend-setting selections they craved. So, in September 2003, Randi called on her innate sense of style and business savvy to open her first clothing boutique Rapunzel’s Closet, two doors down from the gift shop, on Royal Poinciana Way.

Just as Lilly Pulitzer paved the way for the pastel prints the area is often associated with, Randi introduced stodgy Palm Beach to a wide range of designers that the island‚Äôs denizens often had to pick up on their globetrotting travels. Jeans became the shops calling card, along with an eclectic mix of new and well-known fashion and accessories designers. The resulting success was instant ‚Äď so much so ‚Äď that just three months later Randi introduced her second boutique of the same name, on the opposite side of Palm Beach, just off chic shopping destination Worth Avenue.
blogExterior of Rapunzel’s Closet S. County

¬†1. What was your biggest challenge in opening the first¬†Rapunzel’s Closet?

RES: My biggest challenge in open in the adult store is that I didn’t know how much to buy of each item. ¬†I completely overbought. ¬†But that was a blessing. I put the overstock in an empty frame store space on S. County and that because my next and current clothing store!¬†

Read more about Randi here!

See more pictures from the past decade on our Facebook Page


Decade: Where It All Began

2 Nov

blogAs we get closer to our big 10 Year Anniversary Party we want to take you down memory lane with us. We’re going to be sharing pictures and having a Q&A with Rapunzel herself during the next few series of blog posts. We hope you enjoy reading about our past 10 years as much as we’ve enjoyed going through the pictures and talking about¬†our favorite memories!

Interview with Rapunzel Part 1
Picture of Randi Evans Siegal behind the register on opening day of Rapunzel’s of Palm Beach

1.       How did you get the nickname Rapunzel?
RES: My dad gave it to me when I was born.  I think he really liked the name Rapunzel and to this day, still calls me by it.

Rapunzel’s of Palm Beach Gift¬†Shop Window 2002

2.       How did you decide on the Rapunzel’s Branding? The RC logo, bag/tissue colors?
RES: My grandma’s favorite color was purple, and when I was little she had a gift shop in the front of my grandpa’s postcard company’s warehouse. ¬†So I wanted a purple store. ¬†And I thought the lime green was a good accent color to go with it.
3.       What was your favorite part about owning the gift shop?
RES: My favorite part of the shop was merchandising. ¬†I loved moving things around, cleaning and reorganizing. (It’s still my favorite part today)

Rapunzel’s of Palm Beach Gift Shop Interior

4.       What gift item was your favorite to sell?
RES: My favorite gift item to sell were the wooden animal clocks.  They were so unique, and handmade in the US. I loved selling them and sometimes I was even able to customize them.  We once made a blue pelican for the Palm Beach Day School auction.

Read more about Randi here!

See more pictures from the past decade on our Facebook Page

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