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Top 10 Things We’re Thankful For

25 Nov

As we head full force into the holiday season we stopped and took a minute to think about the things that we’re thankful for as a team!

Here is a list of the Top 10 Things that we came up with! (Ok there are really 11… we’re just so thankful this year!)

10. Seeing the ocean everyday on our drive into work.

9. Our social media followers and friends – you guys make work more fun!

8. Staying connected with our favorite Cat Lady Rachel who blogs from afar in Newport, Rhode Island.

7. Our amazing vendors who give great customer service, put up with our demanding buyer and play along with our silly antics!

6. Surfside Diner opening down the street – we’ve been starving for a year!

5. Our blogging and event planning partners that help make our events so special.
Posh Parties, Palm Beach Lately, IT! Events & Media, The Luxe Report Blog

4. Our charitable connections and the people who help us do good things all year long.

3. A fantastic work environment created by a great boss!

2. Our families and friends!

1. Our Super Fabulous “work family” of fashion experts that make going to work everyday truly joyful

1A. The customers who come back over and over to shop with us! We needed an 11th spot!

Have You Met Rachel?

21 Nov

You might have noticed that we took a short blogging hiatus. (Or maybe you didn’t…which opens up an entirely different can of worms…)

We’re back and we have a new voice – at least 2 times a week! Although one of our princesses left Rapunzel’s Tower for the Northeast – she’s still very much a part of our happy little team.

Meet Rachel! She is one of our funniest employees to date and also a fabulous writer. We are thrilled to have her on the team even if it is a long distance relationship!


Check out her latest posts and let us know what you think!!

Passing the crown: An Intro to Rapunzel’s Newest Princesses

14 Nov

When we learned of two of our Rapunzel’s princesses were going to be leaving the kingdom of Rapunzel Closet, we couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. But once our tears dried, we realized the silver lining. That meant that we were going to have a new princess joining our Rapunzel Family!

With that, we would like to introduce the newest member of our team. This beautiful brunette is named Christina and she has joined us just in time  for the holidays and to bring a new personal style and fresh fashionable viewpoint to our Palm Beachers.

“I love clothes with sophisticated tailored lines with a dash of edgy jewelery,” says Christina. 

Christina’s Fave Brands: J Brand Jeans and Bourbon and Boweties.


Now that you’ve met Christina, we think it’s time that Christina met you! So come stop by Rapunzel’s and meet her! She might just might be your fashion soul sister!

Bye for now!

xoxo Rapunzel

We Love Flavor

16 Sep

Rapunzel’s Closet had the honor of being asked to be the official retail sponsor for the Flavor Palm Beach Grand Tasting Gala on September 5th, 2013. The evening was perfect! The food was outstanding, the drinks were flowing, the setting at Palm Beach Motor Cars was fabulous, the fashion was MAHJ, and most important everyone was contributing to Share our Strength! Here are some snaps from the event courtesy of the extremely talented Lila Photo Photogs! Thanks to Flavor PB and It! Events and Media for including us in such an amazing evening!
blog Alarming statistics
blog Our Models channeled the Gatsby Era with hair and makeup by the uber talented artists at Pretty Suite Inc
blog Rapunzel’s Muse Sarah Blackmon rocked the Rapunzel Purple runway in a Rae Francis Dress.
blog Seasoned models Sierra Kelly and Carin Acree worked the crowd and the runway during the show.
blog Every fashion show needs a couple of stage hands right? Store Manager Stephanie Hall and Buyer Hallie Rosenthal kept things running smoothly behind the scenes.
blog Minnie Rose generously donated tank dresses and Ruana sequin ponchos to the It! Girls. Lindsey White, Jennifer Harner and Aime Dunstan looked stunning!!
blog Bourbon and Boweties brought the bling for the night.
blog Rapunzel’s Closet donated gift bags for all the guests and they were filled with goodies from a bunch of the participating vendors! Special thanks to The Kitchen Prep and Aromaflage for their donations!
blog We’re so thankful for our new friends Aime Dunstan the #1 It! Girl and Briana Bournique founder of Flavor PB pictured with our Buyer Hallie Rosenthal.

The Flavor Palm Beach event runs the entire month of September, if you haven’t had a chance to check out the list of restaurants involved you can find them here!

We Can’t Stop, We Won’t Stop

13 Sep

If you follow any of our social media you know that we’ve been on the road shopping for our upcoming busy season since since mid-July. It’s been a great team effort with staffers from NYC, Palm Beach and San Francisco pitching in to help us out. We’ve also had our fair share of fun – half nekkid cowboys anyone?? Here is a little recap of the past couple months of buying trips! We’re concluding our seasonal buying with a trip to Coterie in NYC next week – we’re sure there will be a lot more laughs and fashiony (is that a word?) pix to come!

 Magic Show ~ Las Vegas (Kristin, Cowboy & Randi)

July Swim Show ~ Miami (Steph & Sarah)

blog Children’s Club ~ NYC (Steph & Esther)
blog Market Day ~ NYC – we took the J Train – and it was empty and scary!!
(Steph & Hallie)
Atlanta Apparel Mart ~ Downtown Atlanta (Steph & Hallie)
Lost in downtown Atlanta but we made the best of it! (Steph)
Project Show ~ Vegas – the AG booth – our fav!! (Kristin, Randi, Kelly & Hallie)

Kid’s Korner ~ Children’s Club

7 Mar

lilrapunzelNext week we’ll be attending the ENK Children’s Club Show and we can’t wait to see all of our favorite vendors. We’ll be back up and running with our Kid’s Korner posts starting next week. We’re giddy anticipating all of the cute kid’s clothing we’re going to see from our favorite vendors like Jannuzzi, Splendid Littles, Ella Moss Girl and more! We promise to take lots of pictures!


blog Win this Julie Collection Pueblo Scarf!

1. Leave a comment on this blog post and tell us how this scarf will update your Spring Wardrobe.
2. Like our Facebook Page and become our friend.
3. Show The Julie Collection some Facebook love too!

We’ll be picking a winner this Friday, March 8th!

Decade: The Details

10 Jan

We’ve taken a little break from our blogging to sip some champagne and celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary – but we’re back with fabulous pictures and memories from our 10 Year fete on December 27, 2012. We had over 100 people come out to toast our 10 Year Anniversary. If you weren’t able to make it, here are some of the little details that we all love so much!
blog Waiter serving the Palm Beach Lately Cocktail

blog Window design created by Palm Beach Lately with Pictures from our past 10 Years

blog Window design created by Palm Beach Lately featuring each of their “Girls”

blog We heart cocktail napkins!

blog The food provided by Buccan, Imoto and Christina’s Catering was not only delicious – but beautifully presented

blog Jennifer Reed from The Sugar Monkey Bakery outdid herself with logo cookies, cake pops, cupcakes and macarons in our signature purple and green.

blog Sloan’s Ice Cream donated 5 yummy flavors, toppings and accoutrements for the event.

blog We wanted a photo booth for fun snaps and it was super fun!

blog Our raffle was a huge success, we raised lots of money to donate to The Society of the Four Arts

Special thanks to the following vendors who donated their time and effort to our event!
Lila Photos (the photogs behind these gorgeous snaps)
Palm Beach Lately
Christina’s Catering
Buccan and Imoto
The Sugar Monkey
Sloan’s Ice Cream
Lulu’s Photo Booth

Decade: Looking Backwards and Forward!

19 Dec

We finish up our “Decade: Where It All Began” series with the final questions in our interview with Rapunzel herself, Randi Evans Siegal. We hope you have enjoyed this walk down memory lane as much as we have enjoyed putting it all together! blog

1. What has surprised you the most about the business in the last 10 Years?
RES: In the last 10 years I’ve seen a lot of stores go in and out, but there is a good group of us who have been consistent and are on the Island to stay. I’m most surprised that my not-so-typical Palm Beach style has been so attractive to the locals. blog

2. Where do you envision the business 10 Years from now?
RES: In 10 Years I envision the same, though I would like a larger children’s store. I just need to find the right “space.” I love how the adult store merchandise changes with the times but is still consistent to the core. blog3. What is your favorite thing about the business today?
RES: Definitely the employees! Everyone pitches in and the store + the merchandise really represents all of our individual style.
4. If you were a customer what would your favorite items in the store be?
RES: I love the skinny cords in bright colors that we have right now from Citizens of Humanity, Hudson Jeans, J Brand and AG Jeans. The concert band tees from Chaser LA are my favorite go-to casual tees. Last but not least TKEES flip flops. I wear them every day, even on a day in NYC where it’s in the 50s.

5. What is the funniest thing that has happened in the past 10 Years that maybe wasn’t funny at the time but now you can look back and laugh?
RES: I once had a customer come in with a parrot on her shoulder. The parrot pooped in the store. Looking back it’s pretty funny!

Closet Gossip: Gift Guide Part 7 ~ Randi

10 Dec

Here at Rapunzel’s Closet, the girls have started to find themselves wondering who will be on their lists this year and what the perfect gift for that special someone may be. For “Rapunzel’s Gift Giving Guide,” we had a few of our most thoughtful selling associates narrow down and pick two of their favorite items that they hope to be giving holiday season. On Friday we featured Hallie’s picks. The last entry in our Holiday Gift Guide comes from our very own Princess of Palm Beach,  Randi Siegal. So what will Rapunzel herself be giving this holiday season? We climbed her hair to find out!

Randi knows the importance of gifts making their receivers feel special—so it’s no surprise that she decided to include the personalized Boogie Baby Blankets and MJK knit hats as her items for our Holiday Gift Guide.

(It is important to note that while the detailed personalization process puts these gifts finish date after the holidays, there was no way we were going to leave these precious present ideas off our list)

Boogie Baby Blankets are a great gift idea for any child who can appreciate a cozy blanket. These handmade blankets are the perfect way to make any child feel special this holiday season. By having their names printed on the individual blankets, both you and the children won’t have to worry about arguing over sharing. Pictured above is the boy design. Also available is the girl design which features a similar design but with a monkey ballerina and all pink detailing.

“It’s just the softest material ever and so adorable.  My kids have one blanket in the stroller and one in the crib.  And the colors are always pop colors and stay that way even after washing. “ 

The theme of personalization continues in Randi’s second choice in her gift guide, an MJK knit flap hat which will display the child’s name on the front, as seen below. These hats are 100% cotton and promise to keep ears warm and cozy during the winter months.  We have several designs and colors available, so you may choose the hat that is suited best for the little ones. blog

“I love how my kids look in their MJK hats! I always get compliments on them.  My favorite feature is that they cover the ears, even if they aren’t tied.  They come in infant and toddler sizes and I’ve given them to friends when they have a new baby, but one for the older sibling as well.  Personalized presents are always special!” blog

And that completes Rapunzel’s Closet Holiday Gift Guide. We hope our gift ideas have inspired you as you continue in your holiday shopping adventures. We look forward to seeing you in the store soon and promise to give you our best advice as you begin checking people off your list this year!

Boogie Baby Blanket – $140
MJK Knit Hat – $55
Note – these items take 4-5 weeks to produce

For more pictures of our Gift Guide – check out our Facebook Page

Closet Gossip: Gift Guide Part 6 ~ Hallie

7 Dec

Here at Rapunzel’s Closet, the girls have started to find themselves wondering who will be on their lists this year and what the perfect gift for that special someone may be. For “Rapunzel’s Gift Giving Guide,” we had a few of our most thoughtful selling associates narrow down and pick two of their favorite items that they hope to be giving holiday season. Yesterday we featured Ashley’s picks. Today is all about Hallie. Hallie has logged the most years out of all of us at Rapunzel’s Closet and loves being able to work on the sales floor when she visits from our corporate office in NYC!

Our store buyer, Hallie functions as Rapunzel’s eyes and ears in the New York fashion scene. She is the one who sifts through countless vendors and merchandise to make sure our store is always stocked with the hottest trends. Hallie continued used her expertise in product selection when she chose our new Equipment button-downs and Chewbeads necklaces as her top picks for our Holiday Gift Guide.

The brand Equipment’s French origin is apparent in the slick lines and rich fabrics they use in their clothing. Rapunzel’s just received some great new pieces for the holiday season and the French sophistication is consistent throughout the different styles. With that, Hallie chose the Slim-Fit Signature button-down blouse in the star print as her favorite.

“My newest obsession is shirting – I feel like no matter what – a blouse always looks good. My Equipment blouses have become my go to pieces for everything and it’s an easy wearable gift for basically any body type.” 

Keeping in mind the new moms we may be shopping for this year, Hallie also chose the Chewbeads Hudson necklace as her second choice in our Gift Guide. Like their name suggests, these necklaces are made from 100% silicone are safe for babies and toddlers to chew on. Not only are these necklaces easy to keep clean, but they also make a fun fashion statement, at the same time.

“What I love about Chewbeads is that they are not only functional but fashionable too! It’s the perfect holiday gift for any new mom. They are soothing for the teething baby who chews on everything – but mom can still wear these big, chunky, bright necklaces after the teething is done.”

Equipment Signature button-down: $248.00
Chewbeads Hudson necklace: $40.00

For more pictures of our Gift Guide – check out our Facebook Page!
Next Up – Randi’s picks for this holiday season.

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