Steal This Look ~ Jackie O

22 May

Steal This Look: Oh, Jackie O!

Palm Beach has quite a colorful history. Some of the most interesting tales are from the days when the Kennedy family would vacation on the Island and make appearances all throughout town. Some would argue that the most inspiring of the Kennedy clan was the former First Lady herself, Jackie Kennedy Onassis. We thought it was about time that we did our own little tribute to the timeless fashion icon in this week’s “Steal This Look.”

Though many of us were not around during the days of Jackie frequenting the area, her fashions have been forever documented in countless images of the icon. She was known worldwide for her classic pieces which mixed perfect tailoring, chic lines, and basic color

Our new Joie Norton Pique dress looked like something out of Jackie’s stylebook. Since the dress itself speaks enough through its feminine cut and bright, summertime color, accessories are best kept minimal. We thought the Palm Beach Lately Arrow Necklace was incredibly appropriate, considering that they are hand-made on the Island. We can easily picture a modern-day Jackie sporting this look. Now just add a pair of her signature retro oval frame glasses and you’ll get locals thinking they’re seeing a ghost!

Joie Norton Pique Dress: $248.00
Palm Beach Lately Arrow Necklace: $78.00

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