Steal This Look: Heidi

11 Mar

Steal This Look: Straight Off the Runway…Project Runway


When it comes to style, we can put our complete trust in supermodels. Think about it. They spend their workdays being styled by the designers themselves and their evenings being constantly photographed by paparazzi. These women live and breathe fashion.

We didn’t have to think twice when wondering if Heidi Klum’s look was worthy of its own Steal This Look blog. And as always, we’ve taken a trendy look and put our own Palm Beach twist on her supermodel style.

To re-create Heidi’s rocker-chic look, we first decided to steer towards colors more suitable for South Florida. As Spring approaches, black on black with a touch of leather runs the risk of looking harsh. blog

Instead, we paired the Gypsy Sarah Maxi Tank Dress with the bone-colored Patterson J. Kincaid Ricky Leather Vest. The tie-dyed print of the dress is off-set by the neutral of the vest—a bright and colorful look for a “beachy” South Florida girl. The low neckline of the dress looks great with any kind of funky necklace. We chose a necklace from the Rapunzel’s Jewelry Box Collection that features a silver fringe. blog

The look is complete and ready for the runways— or the equally stylish sidewalks of Palm Beach.

Alvederzane! And we’ll see you at the store!

xoxo, Rapunzel

Gypsy05 Sarah Maxi Tank Dress: $275.00
Patterson J. Kincaid Ricky Leather Vest: $298.00
Rapunzel’s Jewelry Box Fringe Necklace: $68.00

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