Closet Gossip: Gift Guide Part 5 ~ Ashley

6 Dec

Here at Rapunzel’s Closet, the girls have started to find themselves wondering who will be on their lists this year and what the perfect gift for that special someone may be. For “Rapunzel’s Gift Giving Guide,” we had a few of our most thoughtful selling associates narrow down and pick two of their favorite items that they hope to be giving holiday season. Yesterday we featured Rachel’s picks. Today is all about Ashley who is one of our two sales associates who have been on our selling team the longest!

Ashley is the quintessential Palm Beach girl—with a heavy emphasis on “beach.” When Ashley isn’t at work, you can usually find her catching some rays at the beach or catching some fish out on the boat! So, it’s no surprise that Ashley plans on giving her fellow beach combing friends and family some beach-chic pieces this holiday season: a pair of TKEES flip flops and one of our new coolchange maxis.

TKEES are a staple in any South Florida girl’s shoe collection. Their classic thong style make them an easy present for all ages. They can be easily dressed up or dressed down and come in a variety of colors to match any wardrobe. And their reasonable price of $50 makes this gift idea only that much sweeter.

“I fell in love with TKEES a couple years ago. My friends and I were always on the hunt for the perfect nude shoe. Most of us only live a five minute walk from the beach, so being barefoot is like a second-nature for us. Having a shoe that gives that look is so our style. I know any one of my girlfriends would love these and would probably start to collect all of the colors!”

Rapunzel’s recently welcomed the brand coolchange to our sales floor, and these bright, bohemian prints are quickly becoming a favorite for some of our most fashionable customers. This Bali-inspired brand of resort-wear comes in great colors and will likely be making appearances all over Palm Beach this holiday season.

“I love giving CoolChange dresses as gifts—not only is every single piece gorgeous, but they are light-weight and super comfortable. Every girl needs a dress that’s easy to throw on after a long day out on the boat or at the beach. You don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort, and I’ll definitely be putting this maxi on MY wish list this year!”

TKEES: $50.00
CoolChange maxi: $205.00

For more pictures of our Gift Guide – check out our Facebook Page!
Next Up – Hallie’s picks for this holiday season.

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