Weekly Favs

8 May

New Juicy Couture terry summer colors! This new arrival is another variation on their terry tube dress called the Smocked Tube Dress. It’s somewhat simpler of a style without a ruffle at the hem and it runs a bit shorter than some of the other tube dresses. It comes in basic Black and White as well as a new color called Free Love which is a beautiful red/fuchsia tone. The perfect summer beach cover-up!


We’ve always loved Rebecca Minkoff’s classic Morning After Bag but her Nikki style is a slouchy, “easy chic” hobo at its best. Casual enough for day, dressy enough for night and this gorgeous plum color gives us a little something out of the ordinary. A little too big for your small frame? Try the Mini Nikki! Small enough to fit on your shoulder but big enough to make a statement!


We have a new brand! Tea and Honey is designed by Rachel Koo of Southern California.  Koo has a flair for chic vintage designs.  Rachel incorporates her strong art background in her designs. She borrows key elements of high style from simpler times and transforms them into dynamic interpretations seamlessly blending the “classic” with the “modern.”  With distinctive prints and modern colors these fresh designs, like this Long Tie Dress, are versatile enough for a walk on the beach or an evening out to dinner.


The Minnie Rose Summer Lovin Shawls are back! Last summer we sold out quickly of these wonderful cotton shawls and had a long waiting list of customers asking for more! Similar to the classic Minnie Rose Trotters Ruffle Shawl in cashmere, this cotton version is triangular in shape with a 4” ruffle bordering the entire edge.  It comes in all the perfect neutral colors like: White, Black, Wheat, Indigo and Grey Feather as well as two beautiful shades of pink: Sweetpea and Wildberry. Truly the perfect wrap for summer evenings when there is a chill in the air!


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